A Whole Bunch of People Got Food Poisoning at the Food Safety Summit

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The world was gifted with a new definition of irony yesterday with the news that a bunch of people attending a Food Safety Summit had suffered food poisoning.

At least four people have suffered food poisoning after eating a meal at the Baltimore Convention Center. All of the individuals were in town for a Food Safety Summit, a national conference attended by individuals associated with federal agencies as well as corporations such as McDonald’s, Tyson’s, ConAgra, and Chiquita. Apparently, more summit-goers reported suffering food poisoning to their employers, though the exact numbers have not yet been determined. Officials have not yet determined the cause of the food poisoning, although it’s worth noting (ohhh, is it worth noting) that ONLY attendees at the Food Safety Summit specifically reported any symptoms.

Granted, it was four people out of 1500 attending the conference, and given the existence of Con Flu, it was pretty much inevitable that people would walk out of there sick. Still, it’s difficult to oversell the delicious irony of the situation. It would be like someone ramming their car into the lobby at the Responsible Motorist’s Convention, or someone getting arrested for gay solicitation at the RNC.

I would make more jokes here, but I feel like it would ruin the majesty of this beautiful, perfectly ironic moment.

Image via Brian A Jackson/Shutterstock.

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