Aaron Rodgers Didn’t Expect All This Hullabaloo Over Not Getting Vaccinated

There's an easy way to fix this mess, Mr. Football Man!

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Aaron Rodgers Didn’t Expect All This Hullabaloo Over Not Getting Vaccinated
Image:Patrick McDermott (Getty Images)

Aaron Rodgers, the former Mr. Olivia Munn and current Mr. Shailene Woodley, is not vaccinated, choosing to forgo this life-saving little jab due to “sterility” concerns. Initially. Rodgers had said he was “immunized” against covid-19, but what he meant by that is that he talked to his doctor about a homeopathic remedy, briefly flirted with ivermectin, and also consulted noted public health professional Joe Rogan for advice. In any case, Rodgers is a little upset about the reaction to his “choice.”

According to People, Rodgers was just “sharing his point of view” and is now being “crucified for it.” He’s “unhappy” and “upset,” per the source. “He knew some people would disagree with him, but he didn’t know that it would become the shit-storm it became,” Rodgers’s little bird told People. “People who he thought were friends are turning on him.”

It’s unclear as to who those “friends” are specifically— I imagine Shailene supports him in this endeavor, and so maybe some of their Hollywood pals do, too. But what is slightly more interesting (I suppose), is that this is affecting his personal brand! State Farm issued a sort of mealy-mouthed statement that didn’t exactly condone Rodgers for his decision, but also urged anyone who can to get the vaccine, saying that they “respect everyone’s right to make a choice based on their personal circumstances.” Rodgers has been on their little commercials for some time now, and I’m sure he’s made a pretty penny. Even if all the brands that have deals with Rodgers because he is a good quarterback and a big American man brimming with a kind of safe and non-threatening masculinity pull the plug with him because of this, he’ll still have lots of money.

But what of his football career? I don’t know! Maybe it doesn’t matter! Perhaps Rodgers will ride the wave of this controversy towards a different career, one that finds him and his beloved pivoting towards spurious “wellness” products and touting the efficacy of alternative medicine, broadcasting live from a field of banana trees somewhere tropical and off-the-grid. Might be a nice future once the football stuff comes to a close. [People]

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