Acting & Reacting: Faces Of The Golden Globes


Last night’s 67th Annual Golden Globes saw laughs, tears, surprises, disappointments, and lots of drinking. In this gallery, we compile how these moments played out among stars.

Edie Falco’s reaction to Sofía Vergara pronouncing her name “Eddie.”

That girl from Glee got all musical-theater-y about her loss.

Mo’Nique wants that fucking camera out of her face right now.

Mad Men‘s Christina Hendricks was sharing a private moment with someone at her table when she realized the camera was on her.

The Wrestler (Mickey Rourke) kissed The Boxer (Mike Tyson.)

And then he lovingly cradled his face in his manicured hands.

Mercury poisoning.

It was much more evident in HD, but John Lithgow had tears streaming down his face when Michael C. Hall won for Dexter.

Do you think this guy reminded Tracy Morgan about consequences of having too good of a time, and alcohol-monitoring bracelets?

During a commercial break, Pierce Brosnan was trying to make his way through the crowd and got annoyed when Colin Farrell and his girlfriend wouldn’t get out of the way.

He was pissed.

Paul McCartney was a little taken aback when Ricky Gervais made a joke about his divorce settlement with Heather Mills.

Despite the fact that—a possibly constipated—Arnold is Austrian, the camera focused on him during the acceptance speech for Best Foreign Film (which was German).

Morgan Freeman did not give a shit about Kevin Bacon’s role in some TV movie he never watched.

Stanley Tucci felt bad about a joke made at Alec Baldwin’s expense.

Emily Blunt’s “I lost to fucking Sandra Bullock?” face.

Carey Mulligan gets An Education in losing gracefully.

Gerard Butler is a mouth breather, easily bored, and thoroughly confused.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is as shocked as the rest of us that he was nominated for Best Actor.

For someone who’s supposed to be a good actor, Tobey Maguire sure sucks butt at pretending he’s not pissed that he lost Best Actor to a pothead like Jeff Bridges.

You’d think Jason Reitman would be happy that he won for Best Screenplay, but he seems disappointed that he lost for Best Director.

But Nora Ephron took her loss the hardest. She was shocked and appalled that The Hangover beat out Julie & Julia.

She ripped up her acceptance speech.

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