Adam Lambert & Boyfriend Busted Over Gay Bar Brawl

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While details are a bit thin on the ground it’s been confirmed that Adam Lambert and his reality TV star boyfriend Sauli Koskinen are currently broiling in jail after they got into a bust-up outside Helsinki gay bar Don’t Tell Momma. Witnesses say that weaves was flying circa four am — aka the time of night when nothing good ever happens — and that fellow patrons tried to split up the pair but Lambert came at them in a flurry of fists and elbows before cops arrived to put their asses in prison. To prevent possible porn movie cliché make-up sex they were sent to two separate jails, with Lambert in Pasila and Koskinen in Toolo. Though particulars of the fight will no doubt trickle out over the next few days and give us a little juice over the traditional Christmas weekend gossip lull don’t get your hopes up, most early morning twink fights start from nothing more than a slutty eye in the bartender’s direction before escalating into the dizzying display of theatrics you see before you. [Radar]

The dieticians over at Page Six are concerned about Adele after the singer posted a photo of herself on Twitter that makes it look like she’s “lost a considerable amount of weight” following throat surgery. With talk she’s set to front for Vogue in coming months, they suggest that she’s getting ready for the cover by slimming down – undergoing a Voguening, as it were. Bonus points are in order for this Daily Mail-worthy observation: “She held her hands to either side of her face in a V formation, calling attention to her svelte look.” [Page Six]

Ever wondered what the cast of Parks And Recreation would look like as cartoons? No, me neither. But thankfully illustrator Jon Defreest has and decided to share his vision with New York magazine. My favorite is Ron Swanson. I want to say it’s Leslie Knope, but she’s got a severe case of Ramona Singer crazy eyes going on here. [Vulture]

Heading down to a homeless shelter to take part in a baking class, Prince William and Kate Middleton got down with resident Vanessa Boateng – with Willy showing off some downright adorable moves. “He is fantastic, he is great, I love him,” said Vanessa. “We are friends.” [Daily Mail]

Those of you who came of age in the ’90s know exactly who Lisa Loeb is and those that didn’t, well, just think of her as Liz Lemon’s style icon. And while many of her peers seem to have been relegated to the trash heap of time Lisa’s now a children’s singer and author – her songbook “Silly Sing-Along: The Disappointing Pancake And Other Zany Songs” actually sounds pretty cool. [Fox News]

  • Warren Beatty didn’t handle his transgender son Stephen’s decision to transition very well at first, but he eventually came around and made us all a little misty after praising his bravery over dinner last night. [Daily Mail]
  • Blair Witch star Heather Donahue explains how she became disillusioned with her faltering Hollywood career and incinerated all of her stuff in the desert before becoming a professional marijuana grower. Her book “GrowGirl: How My Life After The Blair Witch Project Went To Pot” is out next month. [Daily Mail]
  • Want to know what’s on Taylor Swift‘s Christmas list? If you imagined a pony and glitter nail polish you’re wrong, but not by much. [Twist]
  • First Demi Moore doesn’t change her Twitter username and now she lets Ashton Kutcher use her fake tanning account. Outrage! [Radar]
  • Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux turn the corny up to full blast with their sickly sweet holiday cards. [Lainey Gossip]
  • While over in the Beckham house, Victoria and David are shocked and upset their holiday card got leaked despite sending it to magazine editors everywhere. [Page Six]
  • This truly deserves to be the photo of the year: Nicole Richie shielding her face from flashbulbs after inadvertently pulling up alongside a Hollywood sightseeing tour bus. [Daily Mail]
  • R. Kelly‘s “Trapped In The Closet” actors Rolando Boyce and LeShay Tomlinson got married in real life and are gunning for the next 32 chapters. [TMZ]
  • Those of you who don’t want to spoilers for the Absolutely Fabulous reboot don’t click the link. For the rest of you, go nuts! [Eat Blog And Die]
  • Courtney Love‘s vision board must be paying dividends because she’s allowed to stay in her West Village townhouse for now. [NYDN]
  • Matt Damon is a catty little bitch when it comes to Barack Obama. [E!]
  • It appears that Evan Rachel Wood won’t be rebounding with Marilyn Manson again anytime soon because her boyfriend Jamie Bell is set to propose. [US]
  • Emily Blunt just gets more likeable by the day, saying that Yves Saint Laurent made a “terrible mistake” hiring her to front for their Opium fragrance. [People]
  • Something tells me that court-ordered rehab might be best for Cameron Douglas after he received another four-and-a-half years in prison for jailhouse possession. [NYDN]
  • Egads, the first line in this story about Next Great Baker contestant Sgt. Wesley Durden‘s suicide kind of throws you: “Reality TV has claimed its latest victim.” Is this a thing now? [NYDN]
  • Lady Gaga slummed it like a non-special when she spent time at boyfriend Taylor Kinney‘s San Diego beach house recently. [Daily Mail]
  • Anyone who makes it to 90 and remains this chipper should have a parade in their honor, but Betty White will have to settle for a birthday TV special with Hugh Jackman and Carol Burnett. [Ministry Of Gossip]
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