Adele Pulls a Taylor Swift, Says No to Streaming 25


“Hello, it’s me,” is not something you will hear from subscription services like Apple Music and Spotify when Adele’s 25 is released tomorrow, as the singer has reportedly told “major digital services” that the album “will not be made available for streaming.”

Reports The New York Times:

Adele is said to have been personally involved with the decision about streaming, a year after Taylor Swift withdrew her music from Spotify over complaints about the royalties paid by streaming outlets.

Just about everyone on this dumb planet wants to hear 25, so forcing people—even streaming subscribers—to buy it should reap huge rewards for the singer and her record labels. Vulture reports “the music industry projects that Adele could beat [’N Sync’s] record with 2.5 million albums in a single week.” She’ll probably even sell 4 million before the new year.

Adele isn’t the first artist to say no to streaming. Last year, the strategy helped Taylor Swift’s pop monster 1989 sell 1.2 million in its first week.


That reminds me.

Do you think Taylor Swift will be awoken in the middle of the night in seven days to a phone call from a blocked number, answer it, hear the sound of heavy breathing on the other line, say, “Who is this? Harry? Jake? I swear to god, if it’s you, Jake,” and then hear a voice whisper, “two point five, love,” and hang up?

I do.

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