Adorable Child Model Cries Adorably All The Way Down The Runway


Yesterday we learned that a boy model sobbed as he walked up and down the runway at the Smalto men’s wear show in Paris, and now we have the video. What’s great (and terrifying) about children is that they haven’t yet been turned into properly behaved humanoid drones by years of society’s message training and petty authoritarian bullshit like the rest of us: they ask pointed questions when adults hold their tongues, they don’t care about getting messy, if they don’t like Aunt Lucy’s disgustipating green bean casserole they will say so in a tantrum to her face, and dammit, when they are confronted with a crowded room full of weirdly dressed, stressed-out strangers and their first totally natural reaction is to cry, they are going to cry. Copiously. For a long time. With ample sniffling. And no thought to how the designer employing them may view the propriety of such a reaction. I bet half the grown models on that runway were crying on the inside. Kids! They get to actually do the things grown-ups just think about.

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