Adorable Girl Freaks Out When Her Disney Dream Comes True


Have you ever wanted to watch a child’s mind explode because she’s experiencing so much joy that she simply can’t handle it? Well, you’re in luck! Meet Lily, whose sixth birthday is coming up. Her mother decides to give her an early present in the form of a backpack loaded with goodies, which she opens with adorably genuine excitement. Oh my goodness! Videos! It’s a monster…Oh, no, whoops, it’s Minnie Mouse! Snacks!

Then the biggest surprise of all is revealed: she’s taking the backpack and going to Disneyland! Cue the totally amazing tear-filled meltdown as she processes the fact that her dream is literally coming true right that very day “when daddy comes home from work.” At one point she’s so dazed that she can’t even remember when her actual birthday is, but don’t worry this story has a happy ending—as all Disney stories do. After working through her initial shock, Lily pulls it together and manages to do a cute little happy dance!

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