​Adults Are Laughably Bad at Identifying Human Reproductive Systems


As it turns out, when you ask a bunch of adults to identify specific parts of the human body, suddenly everyone becomes a comedian!

BuzzFeed asked a few real life adults to try and label male and female reproductive parts (prelabeled “peen” and “vageen,” and the results are…um. Well. Just take a look.

Honestly, I’d probably be in the same boat. Maybe it’s because I haven’t made a habit of looking at cross-sections of people’s junk. Maybe it’s because the only thing I really learned from high school was that pajama pants and Etnies are never ever ever appropriate school attire. Come to think of it I actually probably remember more sex ed from fifth grade than I do from the high school revisit. Yay education!

Images via BuzzFeed. Lead image via Getty.

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