Air Force Names Actual Woman to Head Sexual Assault Prevention Program


Oh, here’s an idea! The Air Force announced today that it has named a woman to head its Sexual Assault Prevention program, following a series of sexual assault and harassment allegations that completely annihilated America’s faith in the ability of its armed forces to protect female personnel. One of the cases, as I’m sure you all remember, involved the former head of the same program.

It’s encouraging to see that the Air Force has decided to appoint Maj. Gen. Margaret H. Woodward, who, as mentioned earlier, is a human woman. (I guess this means that all the female-addressed invitations to the Senate Armed Service Committee must have gotten lost in the mail).

It’s noteworthy, too, that Woodward is of a much higher rank than the disgraced former program chief. Only time will tell if her appointment actually makes a difference of if they military system is simply flawed irreparably.


Image via AP.

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