Alabama Rep. Introduces Bill to Stop the State From Teaching That 'Homosexuality Is an Unacceptable, Criminal Lifestyle'


The fact that Alabama State Rep. Patricia Todd (Downtown Birmingham REPRESENT!), who is openly gay, had to even introduce a bill to repeal the inclusion of anti-gay curriculum in the state’s public schools is just. It’s sad. It’s very, very sad.

According to the Human Rights Campaign, Todd introduced a bill that would limit the state legislature’s role in sex education, as well as repeal the inclusion of anti-gay curriculum.

Under the current curriculum set by the state, teachers are required to teach that “homosexuality is an unacceptable, criminal lifestyle.” I’m sorry, criminal? How is it illegal? Are we referring to sodomy here? I guess if that’s the case in Alabama, but I hope they’re being very specific in the sex ed classes. I hope the teacher is going on and on about penis in anus so that our children’s blossoming minds won’t be filled with the possibility of perversion.

If Rep. Todd’s proposed legislation passes, it’ll put sex education programs in the hands of the state Department of Education, rather than the state government. Which: YES DUH. Unfortunately, the state Congresswoman introduced a similar bill last year and it didn’t pass out of committee because most everyone in the Alabama state legislature is the bigoted devil.


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