Alaska Thunderfuck's Debut Album Anus Is A Lot… Of Perfection!


The drag queen called Alaska Thunderfuck has just released her debut album, Anus. Intrigued, we listened together and had a chat about it, song by song. Listen along with us over at Billboard.

  1. “Hieeee”

Julianne: “Tip these men” is really where this album gets me. Right away, but not RIGHT AWAY. What do you think, Bobby? When do you really get HOOKED.

Bobby: I was actually hooked by the line that comes immediately before it: “TIPPING IS COMPULSORY.” That one really sealed the deal for me. And it’s not even the last surprise this track has to offer! Hieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Julianne: This is absolutely the best single of 2015. I really believe this. HIEEEEEEEEEEE!

Bobby: My response to anyone who disagrees? BYEEEEEEEEEEEEE! OK now it’s time for “Anus.”

2. “Anus”

Julianne: For a song called “anus” there is a lot of talk about pussy hole but I mean… I guess there are things I don’t understand, as a straight woman. Shout to Alaska’s pussy hole? Bigger question: what is she talking about re: “the waffle shop”?

Bobby: I was about to ask that exact question. I’m not sure, but I have a feeling it has something to do with either waffle toppings (syrup/whipped cream) or maybe the tiny indentations waffles have or maybe I don’t really want to keep speculating.

3. “Pussy”

Julianne: This is a very sweet song for a smoking hot album.

Bobby: It’s not about pussy love, it’s about pussy romance. And I think that’s so cool. Also I feel like John Waters will hear this song and write a movie BASED ON IT.

4. “Beard”

Julianne: Wait, is he talking about Jesus and the Pharisees in a song about beards…

Bobby: …on an album about anuses? Honestly I just appreciate his refusal to stay in the box. I have no idea where this album is going – how often can you say that?

Julianne: It certainly defies genre, it’s true.

Bobby: Replace “beard” with “Jesus” and this is basically Christian music.

5. “This Is My Hair” (Video directed by Jayson Whitmore)

Julianne: The track sequencing is quite canny. Is the beard the hair? Is the hair the beard? Is Jesus the beard? Is Jesus the hair?

Bobby: I’m not sure. The only thing for certain is that Alaska Thunderfuck. Does not. Wear. Wigs.

Julianne: Jesus and Alaska are the only true bearers of follicles.

Bobby: This song sort of becomes a beauty regimen when she says, “I just let my hair air dry.” I think Alaska should start vlogging.

6. “Nails (Piano Introduction)”

Julianne: Speaking of vlogging… watch out, NPH. Alaska Thunderfuck, future Emmys host with this hot, hot number. “If you’re not wearing nails, you are not doing draaaaaaaaaaa——aaaaaaaag!”

Bobby: All my life I’ve been waiting for the Emmys to be TV-MA.

7. “Nails”

Julianne: Do you think Alaska read the Times expose.

Bobby: I have enough faith in Alaska to know that if she does, she’ll alter her nail salon routine. But I also have enough faith in Alaska to know that she probably does her nails herself. Perfectly. Every time.

8. “Gimme All Your Money”

Julianne: I was not expecting a trap song on this album! Do you think Alaska likes Young Thug?

Bobby: I think Alaska likes all kinds of music. I also think I would give her all my money if she asked, whereas I’d probably just tell Rihanna no. This is much more threatening than #BBHMM.

Julianne: “My body came from Brooklyn/my hair came from China/ so keep on looky-lookin, tryna find that boo-gina” is already a classic bar. Smoking hot bars. Laganja Estranja should not be rapping, though I appreciate her shout out to getting “RuPaul money.”

9. “Everything Tonight”

Julianne: I have literally nothing to say about this song.

Bobby: I kinda like it idk. But yeah that’s all.

Julianne I wonder if this album is starting to show the limitations of exploitable topics as a drag queen… after you’ve done the butt, pussy and nails songs, you just have to resort to boring shit about going out and partying like everybody else.

Bobby: BUT the 1,300 inevitable remixes of this song will play so well in the club.

10. “Best Night Ever”

Julianne: I feel like she wrote this song at Westgay?

Bobby: Do you think “Best Night Ever” and “Everything Tonight” are talking about the same night or two different nights?

Julianne: Two different nights at Westgay.

11. “The Shade of it All”

Julianne: Frankly I’m surprised Courtney Act and Willam can be in the same room together without scratching each others’ eyes out… that’s the miracle of this number.

Bobby: It’s really a testament to Alaska’s talents as a unifier. She’s as good at bringing people together as she is at shading the everloving fuck out of them.

Julianne: This part where they’re just trying to out-sing the other—genius production on Alaska’s part, for sure. So shady.

Bobby: And Alaska is still front and center as they fight it out in the background.

12. “Legendary”

Bobby: “Even after dying in a plane crash I’d be famous.” Brilliant conceit for a song.

Julianne: I really love the positivity of this particular tune, which actually provokes profound existential thought on the upside of dying at a very young age!

Bobby: Mandatory listening for anyone who’s afraid of flying.

13. “Killer”

Julianne: Okay, Alaska’s first mistake in this song was being in L.A.

Bobby: This track is one “daddy” away from being a Lana del Rey song. (I don’t know if I mean that in a good way or a bad way.)

14. “Your Makeup Is Terrible”

Bobby: Any song that begins with Alaska screaming, “Greetings, Earthlings!” is JUST FINE with me.

Julianne: Honestly, I would be satisfied with an entire album of Alaska just saying HIEEEEEEEEEEEE! over trashy EDM beats.

Bobby: The subject of this song is as mysterious to me as the subject of “You Oughta Know.” WHOSE MAKEUP WAS SO TERRIBLE THAT IT WARRANTED A SONG?!

Julianne: Jesus, It Me

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