Alec Baldwin Isn't Taking Questions On Where His Latest Baby Came From!

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Alec Baldwin Isn't Taking Questions On Where His Latest Baby Came From!
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Hilaria Baldwin, the non-Spanish wife of Alec, dropped a new baby yesterday on Instagram, debuting a new bundle of joy merely five months after she produced Eduardo. Naturally, the timing of the fresh baby’s arrival has raised some questions from the general public. Naturally, the Baldwin family is not interested in responding to any of these questions, and naturally, this has angered many a fan.

The arrival of the fresh baby, a girl, has been billed as a “surprise” by the press, but clearly, this baby was not a surprise to anyone, including but not limited to the surrogate (?) who probably (?) carried this baby (???). Regardless, the Baldwins have a lot of children, and also no one has forgotten that Hilaria Baldwin pretended to be Spanish, so everyone had questions, thoughts, and concerns. Curiously, Alec Baldwin is not interested in hearing them at this time!

Instead of spending time with his 900 children, Baldwin has been fixing his little sausage fingers to type things like “Shut the fuck up” and “you’re not very smart” to people commenting on his wife’s beautiful photo of la familia, which sees Hilaria nestled in a pit of children, with the youngest, the freshie, looking like she’d rather be anywhere else. Sure, this is a great use of time, but also, one of the many nannies Alec presumably employs could probably use some assistance, so it’d be cool if he could help out there. Also, I really struggle with Alec Baldwin taking the time to jump to his wife’s defense, as if they have something to hide. Sir, have you not learned your lesson? Or any lesson?

The “trolls” in question are being rude about where the child came from, because technically it isn’t anyone’s business, BUT Hilaria Baldwin only posts about her children. She is obsessed with having like, nine million children. I’m not saying that she needs to show us on the doll where the new baby came from, but I’m also not saying that we won’t ever find out. [Page Six]

LOL there is probably something rude to say about this photo, but I will hold my tongue and say instead that there is nothing funnier to me than taking pictures of people when they are sleeping and using said photos for ammo, as evidenced by the folder full of photos on my phone of one of my three siblings, sleeping like the dead, labeled “PICTURES FOR BLACKMAIL.

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