Alexander McQueen's Disturbing Final Tweets


Alexander McQueen’s Twitter account has apparently been deleted in the wake of his reported death from suicide. His tweets focused on the macabre, which seemed indicative of his design inspiration, but could also offer insight to his emotional state.

The two, however, might not be mutually exclusive. Known for his rebellious streak and sometimes scary aesthetic, McQueen entered the Twitterverse in September 2009, with his first tweet being:

STRESSED! Microwave head meltdown! Sparks flying out of my brain!

Just last week, he tweeted that his mother had died.

And he made a point of saying that the loss would not be the end of him.

However, in the weeks leading up to and following his mother’s death, his tweets have been dark, with repeated mentions of demons, hell, and other allegorical references to death, masochism, and unpleasant imagery in general.

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