All Of Your Friends' Sexual Conquests, By The Numbers


The good people at Splitsider went through all 236 episodes to find out exactly how many sexual partners each of the Friends during the series’ run. Spoiler alert: over the shows ten seasons, the grand total of sexual conquests was a whopping 87. The piece breaks down how many sexual partners and relationships each of the six friends had in great detail, and suddenly we feel like we know the Friends much more intimately: Joey had the most sexual encounters in his tenure on the show, Rachel had the most sexual relationships by far, and all three of our guys slept with Janice — making Ross, Joey, and Chandler something called “wiener cousins.” In case you were craving exact details, all of the data has been dilligently compiled into one handy chart. Wonder how this number compares to that of Sex & The City‘s Samantha?

The Sexual Proclivities of Friends [Splitsider]

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