Allstate Insurance Releases Gay Ad About Love And Really Big Hands

In Depth

Part of Allstate’s new LGBT Campaign, the new advertisement “Safe In My Hands” features a partnership between two men with really big hands. It’s probably a metaphor. Maybe. Probably. I guess?

Okay, yeah, it’s definitely a metaphor. It’s a metaphor for those traits which make us unique that only fit best with those who complement or complete us (depending on your views of romantic relationships). Although the main character’s trait is visible, it’s not to be taken literally. And when he finds his dream guy who also has a big hand, well, the message has nothing to do with physicality whatsoever.

But what the hands do is allow you to remember Allstate’s catchphrase about being in good hands. Pretty damn slick, Allstate.

Video via Allstate/Youtube.

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