Amber Heard Fired Her Entire PR Team Ahead of Her Defamation Case Testimony

The actress reportedly “doesn’t like bad headlines” and has put a consulting firm on retainer to turn her press around.

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Amber Heard Fired Her Entire PR Team Ahead of Her Defamation Case Testimony
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When you have to fire your entire PR team amid your ex-husband’s defamation trial against you, suffice to say things are not going well. Amber Heard has now made this last-ditch effort to save her reputation amid her stomach-churning courtroom drama with Johnny Depp.

Amid an onslaught of negative headlines about Heard, and ahead of the actress’ upcoming testimony this week—which is slated to begin on Tuesday—she fired her whole team because she’s reportedly “frustrated with her story not being told effectively.” According to a report in the NY Post, Heard “doesn’t like bad headlines” and now has consulting firm Shane Communications on retainer to better “help her get across her side better in the court of public opinion.”

Yeah, well, most of us don’t love “bad headlines” about us, Amber. They tend to be less than ideal. But considering there’s been some pretty fucked up allegations waged on both sides, press coverage should be the least of her woes at the moment.

In the event you somehow forgot, this trial is happening because Depp is suing Heard for $50 million after she wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post in 2018 where she alleged she had experienced “domestic abuse.” Depp claims that the op-ed alluded to their relationship, though he was not mentioned by name, and that it caused him to have irreparably damage to his career. While headlines have swirled in response to Heard’s lawyers alleging that Depp both physically and sexually abused the actress, plenty have also cropped up in response to the myriad of allegations that Depp’s lawyers have waged against Heard, in which he described physical and emotional abuse from her that included her severing his finger and defecating on his bed.

Just last week, the American Civil Liberties Union testified that Heard only gave a mere $1.3 million to the organization, despite promising in 2016 to give $3.5 million from her divorce settlement from Depp to the organization. The organization also claimed that of that $1.3 million, $500,000, to be exact came from Heard’s other ex, Elon Musk. And the ACLU also admitted that it actually wrote the op-ed at the center of the trial on Heard’s behalf, timed to the release of her new film.

Big yike. Best of luck to this new PR team. [NY Post]

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