America Makes a Piss-Poor Showing on New Year's Eve


Some new numbers suggest that fully 30 percent of Americans are in bed by the time the ball drops on New Year’s Eve. Even I’m appalled, and I prefer to ring in the New Year watching broadcast television in my finest loungewear.

That’s according to the Telegraph, drawing on data from users of the activity tracker Jawbone UP. (So, you know, really more a measurement of the behaviors of punctilious self quantifiers than the general population.) 84 percent of the U.K. stayed awake until midnight, for instance (with an average bedtime of 1:38), while a whopping 95.4 percent of Russians go the distance. Although, again, that might speak more to which Russians own a Jawbone UP (hard-partying young elites, maybe?) than anything else.

A third of Americans, meanwhile, hit the hay prior to the clock striking 12. Pasadena in particular gets called out for a 47.9 percent “fuck it” rate. For some reason, Astoria (in Queens, New York) is the only American city that cracked the list of 19 latest bedtimes. Probably because it takes three hours to get back from the parties in Brooklyn.

Image via Getty.

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