America's Youths A Bunch Of Good For Nothing Whippersnappers


A recent Pew Research Study found that 13% of grown children moved back in with their parents in the last year. (Sound of record scratching.) What? That sounds like an awful lot.

Of course, when you think about it, it makes sense. Never in recent memory has their been a shittier time to look for a job or try to buy a house or do any of the things that grown ups just finding their sealegs were expected to do in the past. Some young adults are choosing to return home while they attempt to make a debt in the crushing amounts of student loan debt you’re expected to incur if you want to hope to ever have a good job. Others are diverting money that would have been spent on rent to their savings, battering down the hatches until the real estate market calms down and it makes sense to buy a place.

Those of you who have the option of moving home and not completely derailing your career are lucky; if I moved home, I’d end up doing some freelance lumberjacking and possible bartending in the vacation town north of me, as there are no jobs to be had for college educated people in rural areas unless you’re a teacher or a doctor. Rather than looking down on people who had the option of moving home after college with scorn, I kind of envy them. I could have saved so much money, although living at my parents’ house would have put quite a dent in my romantic life.

What do you think? Have you moved back in with your parents? Do you plan to? Has anyone given you grief about it? And, most importantly, have you discovered any horrible family secrets as a result?

Go Ahead, Move Back In With The Folks [NYP]

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