Ana de Armas Took Her Very Good $2,600 Ivory Gucci Jumpsuit for a Walk

Ana de Armas Took Her Very Good $2,600 Ivory Gucci Jumpsuit for a Walk

Celebrities have never been more boring and responsible than during this period of social distancing, only leaving their multi-million dollar homes to work out, grocery shop, or buy coffee—any kind of mundanity that gives the illusion that they may, in fact, be just like us. (Until they start comparing their McMansions to prison, of course.) For the most part, those paparazzi photos that have emerged have left little to be desired. That is, until Ana de Armas (of Knives Out fame) and her vintage beau Ben Affleck stepped out on Sunday to walk their dogs. Armas, not afraid of the fashion game, wore an ivory Gucci jumpsuit and what I thought was a pair of plain Keds but quickly learned, courtesy Page Six, are actually $525 Saint Laurent Andy Leather Lace-Up Sneakers.

The jumpsuit, which on the Neiman Marcus online store is described as a “Long-Sleeve Cotton Panama Jumpsuit,” retails for $2,600. Clearly, that’s much more glamorous than the layperson’s dog-walking outfit, but it is fantastically brazen.

Screenshot:Neiman Marcus

Imagine walking your dog in something that is just begging to be soiled. Is she picking up shit in this thing? Are her dogs well-behaved enough not to run wild at the sight of a curious squirrel, potentially running her through the mud? I’ve heard its been raining in Los Angeles recently, so wearing this luxury one-piece to run an errand is nothing short of courageous, and it’s especially audacious in the face of a pandemic that’s exposing America’s immense wealth gap.

I would call Armas’s outfit perfect—it’s certainly my favorite look to grace Jezebel’s Snap Judgment column in quite some time—but there’s one obvious oversight. They forgot their face masks.

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