And Here We Have Melania Trump Reminiscing About Falling in Love With Donald Trump


Melania Trump, with new hair on her head, sat down with Sean Hannity on the USS George H.W. Bush for an exclusive interview that aired on Thursday. In it, Melania speaks, again.

The interview starts off with Hannity marveling about the size of the ship they’re sitting on and asking Trump what she thinks about the large ship. Trump responds by explaining what happens when you get closer to an object:

Hannity: If we tipped it over, it would be the size of the Empire State building. What did you think when you see this?
Trump: It’s incredible, even when I flew over here you see the ship and it’s really small, then you approach and it’s really big.

Later in the interview Hannity asks Trump when she knew her husband was “the one” (kill me) and she responds by methodically reciting the timeline of their relationship:

Hannity: When did you know that he was the one? Was there a moment?
Trump: We had great chemistry when we met in 1998, we started dating, we dated for a long time before we got married, we got married, we had a son, but we had great chemistry from day one.

Incredibly romantic and specific!

Finally, Hannity asks if Trump ever “weighs in” on issues with her husband. Trump says she does, but also she doesn’t have enough time to watch all the news because she is so busy with her “work” (her work being nothing):

Hannity: Do you often weigh in on the issues of the day with the president? I know you do watch a lot of news. You’re very aware of what’s going on. What do you think in terms of, what insight could you give us? Maybe a better way to ask it is to how when you feel strongly about something that you would relay that to him?”
Trump: I wish to have to time to watch more news but I don’t. I’m very busy with my office and traveling and doing my work. Yes, I watch you and I sometimes also tape the shows and if I have the time I watch it, but I know exactly what’s going on. I follow what’s going on and I give my husband advice and my honest opinion, and sometimes he listens and sometimes he doesn’t.

Once again, Trump re-iterates that she knows “exactly what’s going on” and stands behind her husband as he terrorizes the country. This has been your latest in this roundtable discussion between Trump, Hannity, and the ghost of George H.W. Bush.

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