Anderson Cooper Can't Stop Talking About His Mother


If you’ve been finding yourself at home during the daytime, there’s a decent chance you’ve stumbled upon Anderson Cooper’s daytime show. The daytime syndicated series has shown us a new side of Mr. AC 360 — a softer, less serious, almost youthful side. He got a spray tan with Snooki, admitted his greatest fear is being around bugs, and made horrified faces as he tried spinach and coffee for the very first time. But nothing makes him seem more child-like than his constant mentions of his mother. A frequent guest on Anderson, Gloria Vanderbilt somehow works her way into conversation whether or not she’s actually there — as evidenced by the supercut above — leading us to believe that Anderson Cooper is media’s most famous mama’s boy. But considering who his mother is, we can’t really blame him.

Video edited by Keith Pence.

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