Andrew Tate’s Very Manly Car Collection Is Seized by Romanian Authorities

The misogynist influencer has said women can't drive. I guess he can't either, now?

Andrew Tate’s Very Manly Car Collection Is Seized by Romanian Authorities
Photo:Andrew Tate/Twitter

Things are still going swimmingly for misogynist social media influencer Andrew Tate, arrested by Romanian authorities on human trafficking charges last week. As Tate serves his 30-day jail sentence and an investigation remains underway, authorities have now reportedly seized his car collection worth roughly five million euros, local Romanian outlet Spy News reported on Wednesday.

Tate’s collection, according to his frequent social media posts about his cars, consists of about 33 different luxury vehicles, and his fans have taken to responding to criticisms of him by asking his haters, “What color is your Bugatti??” It was never exactly the sick burn they thought it was, but now, it’s just funny. Truly amazing work, you guys. What color is Tate’s Bugatti—I should say, the Romanian government’s Bugatti?

In addition to Tate’s cars, Romanian authorities also reportedly seized a compound in which he and his brother allegedly held six young women. According to authorities, Tate is suspected of being part of a criminal group that lures women via false promises, then sexually exploits them, subjecting them to “physical violence and mental coercion through intimidation, constant surveillance, control and invoking alleged debts.” I can truly think of no one more deserving of losing everything in such public, humiliating fashion.

Days before Tate’s arrest and the Romanian government’s seizing ownership of his assets, Tate was also very publicly owned by none other than teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg. In a series of tweets, Tate flaunted his gas-guzzling vehicles and tagged Thunberg, to which she responded with a now extremely viral tweet writing off the manosphere blogger’s “small dick energy.” Losing all of your cars after showing them off to, somehow, in Tate’s brain, “own” a teenager is perhaps the highest, most divine form of karmic retribution.

The seizure of Tate’s cars is, mind you, hilarious on multiple levels, beyond that they were the origin of the sad little feud he instigated against a teenager. They’re also quintessential to his carefully constructed alpha male brand, which insists that abusing women and dominating others is the ultimate way to get ahead in life. If you followed his helpful, DIY tips on how to treat women like shit (including videos advising on best practices to beat women), maybe someday you could live large like him. Screw organizing for economic justice and equality!

Of course, living like Tate now means rotting in jail and forfeiting all symbols of vast, opulent wealth that you once held. Yet, I doubt that will do much in the way of dissuading his hordes of indoctrinated disciples, who either see him as the victim of a grand leftist-feminist conspiracy or are pushing the blatant lie that he’s already been released from jail.

If Tate’s fanboys were solely drawn to him for his luxurious lifestyle, they’d just as likely worship at the altar of some NBA player or, say, Kylie Jenner. But they’re actually drawn to his violent misogyny—the one thing the Romanian government can’t take away from him—and my guess is they’ll stay worshiping him to the bitter end.

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