Angel Haze Is Hanging Out With Ireland Baldwin's Family

Seems like the media and the LGBT+ community aren’t the only ones who are totally smitten with Angel Haze and Ireland Baldwin as a couple. Apparently, members of the Baldwin clan are cool with the relationship and welcoming to Haze.

According to Entertainment.IE, Ireland Baldwin’s cousin, Alaia Baldwin, hangs out with the couple on a regular basis. The latter Baldwin is the daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin.

She said: ”I’ve hung out with her. She’s really, really awesome and she’s really down to Earth.
”We all just get together and laugh and giggle and act really dumb. But that’s the most fun for me.”
Alaia also praised Ireland – the daughter of Hollywood stars Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger – for the relationship and admitted she has ”grown a lot as a person” over the past 12 months.
She added to New York Post’s Page Six: ”I’m really proud of her. The past year through everything she’s been doing with modelling and relationships, she’s grown a lot as a person.

Having supportive friends is something wonderful, but being able to rely on your family, even if it’s only some of your family, is really important. I have some very special cousins who have been the fiercest allies in my family, especially as I have no siblings.

Yay for unconditional love!

Image via Getty.

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