Angel Olsen Confirms She's Gay in Cryptic New Instagram Post

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Angel Olsen Confirms She's Gay in Cryptic New Instagram Post
Photo:Matt Cowan (Getty Images)

Angel Olsen is gay! How do I know that? Well, let’s just say I’m quite adept at reading between the lines of seemingly indecipherable celebrity Instagram captions. Like, take these photos Olsen posted on Friday of her apparent partner, Beau Adele Thibodeaux. The caption reads: “I’m gay.” To the untrained eye, that could mean anything! But thankfully for you, my dear reader, an accomplished celebrity bloghag like myself was here to gather its underlying message and distribute its true meaning to the masses like Prometheus with the fire but with way nicer boobs and some gorgiana balayage (just got it touched up).

  • Speaking of celebs on Instagram, Britney Spears said she’s doing great in a recent post: “I’m totally fine. I’m extremely happy. I have a beautiful home and beautiful children. I’m taking a break right now because I’m enjoying myself.” Hell yeah. [TMZ]
  • DMX’s memorial service will be live-streamed from Brooklyn’s Barclays Center on April 24. [Bossip]
  • “As I watch the movement of these bills attacking trans youth across the U.S., especially this week in Florida, Alabama, Texas, and North Dakota, I am thinking of my trans siblings and the collective pain that our community must endure to battle again and again for our right to exist,” said Elliot Page. “These bills are upsetting, cruel, and exhausting. Call your representatives. Tell them to oppose legislation that discriminates against us. Tell them our access to health care is an inalienable human right. Tell them to let trans kids play sports. Tell them that [trans people belong]. We always have, and we always will.” [Instagram]
  • Taylor Swift broke one of the Beatles’ chart records. [TMZ]
  • Jeffree Star was hospitalized following a car accident. [TMZ]
  • Kaia Gerber and Jacob Elordi are “enjoying” taking things slow…since you asked!! [Us Weekly]
  • Jezebel dot cromb is now a Tyler Gaca fan blog:

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