Angelina Allegedly Paid $10 Million To Pose Makeup-Free


Angelina Jolie‘s Louis Vuitton ads have been released. The actress, shot by Annie Leibovitz, poses on a boat in Cambodia. Perhaps she is paddling towards another baby in need? Louis Vuitton’s PR folks expect us to believe that Jolie was photographed “wearing her own clothes, no makeup and toting her own elegantly weathered monogrammed Alto bag.” (The part about the bag, at least, might be true; she was photographed carrying it a few years ago, and that exact style is no longer in production. But the clothes look like Edun to us, and no makeup — who are they kidding?) Jolie was paid a reported $10 million for the campaign; the brand says that she donated “an undisclosed portion” of her fees to “a charity.” [WWD]

Emma Watson‘s July Vogue cover has leaked. This is the second cover of American Vogue to hit the Internet without authorization in as many months — and the first on which someone (the leaker?) wrote “Piece of shit” right above “BEAUTY NEWS: REVERSING THE BODY’S SIGNS OF AGING.” [Fashin]

New York City cops, they ain’t too smart. One of the city’s finest threatened to ticket a cyclist for the total non-offense of biking while wearing a skirt. On the other hand, maybe the woman is just lucky he didn’t decide she needed “help” getting back to her apartment. [Gothamist]

Michelle Obama wore a $29.99 Gap dress as a tunic. [HuffPo]

Tom Ford‘s first foray into a full cosmetics line comes with this bonus story of a cucumber-related beauty mishap he suffered as a teen: “When I was 14, I had to be taken to the emergency room because the cucumber slices I had put on my eyes — to camouflage the bags — had made them swell shut. I could eat cucumbers, but my eyes were clearly allergic to them.” Lara Stone stars in the ad campaign; Stone had, as of one year ago, been contracted to appear exclusively in Calvin Klein advertising and runway shows. [WWD]

Dutch model Valentijn de Hingh came to the industry after undergoing gender-reassignment surgery. Filmed from the ages of 8 to 17 for a television documentary about gender identity disorder in children, she ended up getting signed by an agency in Amsterdam. In her late teens, she worked in Paris for designers including Martin Margiela and Comme des Garçons — without much apparent fanfare about her transsexual status. (Contrast that with the scrutiny leveled against Lea T. once she decided to be open about her status.) When she reached her full 6’1″ height, de Hingh stopped modeling and became an agency booker. But the recent interest attracted by Lea T. and (non-trans, but very androgynous-looking) model Andrej Pejic has rekindled her career: de Hingh was shot by Patrick Demarchelier for LOVE magazine (which featured Lea T. on a cover) and had a booking with Candy. [Vogue Italia]

Thom Browne is getting into eyewear. The result? $450-$1000 shades that look like antique aviation goggles (that we’re pretty sure Kenneth Branagh wore in Wild Wild West). [WWD]

This house in West Philadelphia is painted to look like a Gucci bag, sorta. [MTO]

  • Sarah Jessica Parker doesn’t consider Anthony Weiner‘s wiener “proper dinner conversation.” The actress went to dinner with Donna Karan and Bill Clinton, but she wasn’t going to talk about…that: “I’m not interested in bringing that up with the former president — no not at all. It’s simply not my business and nor is it proper dinner conversation.Keith Richards was looking forward to picking up a conversation he left off the last time he ran into Clinton: “I think it was about saxophones and about which are the best reeds to use. And he gave me some tips. He’s a musician, you know? We talk music. I mean, he’s a rocker.” [WWD]
  • Last December, Lindsay Lohan settled a lawsuit filed against her by a photographer, Scott Nathan, whose work for her 6126 clothing line went unpaid. But apparently Lohan hasn’t made any move towards paying Nathan the undisclosed agreed-upon settlement. Nathan has petitioned the court to enforce the settlement. [TMZ]
  • More details of Prada’s forthcoming IPO were announced today: the company will trade on the Hong Kong stock exchange under the stock symbol “1913,” the year of its founding. A single share in Prada will set you back somewhere between $4.69 and $6.17; the company plans to sell a 17% stake. At the high end of the range, that would put Prada’s total value at some $15.3 billion. The final share price will be determined by June 17 and the stock will start trading on June 24. [WWD]
  • Ferragamo shares will cost a bit more: $11.60-$15.30. Ferragamo is selling a 22.3% stake at its IPO, which values the company at $1.96-$2.58 billion. The company’s listing on the Milan stock exchange is expected by the end of this month. [WWD]
  • Kate Moss ditched her guests on Day 2 of her massive, three-day-long hen party to go to the Isle of Wight music festival, where she saw the Foo Fighters and Iggy Pop‘s reanimated corpse perform. On Day 3, Moss and her friends went out for a lobster lunch. Several members of the party sent food back. “They were a handful,” says a “source.” [CM]
  • Or, maybe she didn’t: British Vogue says that Moss stayed at the nearby cottage she had rented on Day 2, while her guests went to the festival. Of course, British Vogue also says that the party went to see “Iggy Pop and the Stoodges.” So, you know. (Are we going to have to revive British Vogue Copywatch? Why not.) [Vogue UK]
  • Adriana Lima turned 30 yesterday. [ONTD]
  • VF Corp. just acquired Timberland for $2 billion. [WWD]
  • In January, Vogue Italia editor Franca Sozzani delivered a heavy-handed takedown of fashion blogs and blogging, calling bloggers “a viral epidemic” who “don’t hold any real importance in the business,” adding, “They don’t offer an opinion but only talk about themselves, take their own pictures wearing absurd outfits. What’s the point? I don’t even know who they are.” (Naturally, she wrote this on her…blog.) When asked about these statements by a blogger, Sozzani pretended to have no idea what her interviewer was talking about. “They all attack me because ‘I don’t like bloggers’. It’s not true at all: l love the bloggers. In the morning I read blogs. I look at bloggers in any fields. Blogs can be used in a very creative way and it is very inspiring for us to read blogs from different countries, different mentalities, different vision. It’s very important.” She continued, “I love bloggers when they talk about fashion, events, people and this way it is very clean, not like on magazines [where we] know the politics of a situation, what we have to do, what not to do.” O….kay? [LLG]
  • Anna Dello Russo posted her ten rules for summer sample sales. They include “Only MASTERPIECES!” and “Don’t get DUPED by sales: They are like the beautiful mermaids of PIRATES of the CARIBBEAN 4 that first seduce you and then drag you to the bottom of the sea.” [ADLR]
  • Suit Supply, nobody’s favorite men’s store, is opening its first U.S. location. [WWD]
  • Philip Treacy hates your fascinator. “I started that gig many years ago now,” says the milliner, “but now they have become three limp feathers and a tacky flower on the High Street.” Sniffle. [WSJ]
  • Albertus Swanepoel is doing a collection of thirty hats for Target. It will hit stores this October. [WWD]
  • André Leon Talley, Martha Stewart, and Lauren Bush were among the fashion folks who turned up to Dylan Lauren‘s wedding this weekend. Lauren wore a dress designed by her father, Ralph. [P6]
  • W magazine is going to start advertising itself as “Fashion’s after-party.” Catchy. [WWD]
  • Vogue writer Sarah Mower and ASOS founder Nick Robertson were among the fashion industry members named to the Queen’s birthday honors list. [Vogue UK]
  • Women’s Wear Daily ran a story last week that claimed Harper’s Bazaar editor Glenda Bailey‘s job was in jeopardy. The magazine’s ad pages for the first six months of this year were down 5.4% from the same period last year, and circulation is also in decline. At an event, Bailey laughed off the story. “Rumors come as part of the job. It’s sort of part of the job description. I’ve been an editor-in-chief for 25 years, so I’m somewhat used to it. You tend to laugh at them!” [The Cut]
  • Here are some pictures of Stefano Pilati‘s Yves Saint Laurent costumes for the London revival of Harold Pinter‘s “Betrayal.” [Another Magazine]
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