Aniston: I'm Not Desperate To Have A Baby

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In the November issue of Elle Jennifer Aniston suggests that tabloid editors are more worked up about the contents of her uterus than she is, saying “There’s no desperation.” Aniston continues, “If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. I’m at peace with whatever the plan is. But will you hate me if I say I don’t want to talk about my relationship?” [People]

Here’s an interesting development: It seems 40-year-old dudes are starting to get the Aniston treatment too. When the Hollywood Reporter asked Jon Hamm why he doesn’t have kids, he said, “It’s always on the periphery of the discussion, but we do not have children … And I have a tremendous amount of respect for my friends who do balance this particular career with raising a kid, ’cause it’s a tricky environment to bring them into… So not for us just yet.” [Us]

Idris Elba is on the cover of Essence, looking sexy as usual. Here’s what he finds attractive in a lady: “Skin, I love beautiful skin. I’m tactile, very tactile. A woman who has really nice, looked-after skin is such a turn-on for me. It’s always sexy.” Boobs are probably good too. [People]

After hearing that the Playboy Club has been canceled, Hugh Hefner Tweeted, “I’m sorry NBC’s ‘The Playboy Club’ didn’t find it’s audience … It should have been on cable, aimed at a more adult audience.” OMG, he’s SO RIGHT! Also, they should have hired better actors and writers who understand women didn’t find liberation in a skimpy bunny outfit. They also could have hired a guy who’s worked on an HBO show to helm the project, and called it something like Mad World. No, Mad As Hell … actually, the name’s not all that important. [The Wrap]
Speaking of the Playboy Club, yesterday was particularly tough for star Eddie Cibrian. While on set he suffered a deep gash on his right heel after getting his foot caught under a 200 pound steel door. Ouch. [CNN]

  • Justin Bieber is releasing a holiday album, because if there’s one thing the world needs, it’s more Chrismas tunes featuring a pop star moaning “baby.” [USA Today]
  • Everyone knows Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are dating, but now she’s confirmed it by telling British GQ, “my boyfriend is English.” Let’s just move on, because E! conveyed this by writing, “confirming her relaysh,” and it’s enraging me. [E!]
  • For those interested in spotting Megan Fox in the wild, she’ll be the girl wearing a baseball cap, sweatpants, and cheap flip flops. [HollywoodRag]
  • Apparently there’s an Israeli version of Snooki, and she’d like you to know she’s no “fucking whore.” [TMZ]
  • Warner Bros. is rebooting Perry Mason, a show some of you whippersnappers haven’t even heard of, with Robert Downey Jr. starring as the titular D.A. Like the original book, the film will be set in ’30s L.A. [N.Y. Mag]
  • Well, this is a relief: “LeAnn Rimes & Giuliana Rancic End Their Weight War!” Phew. Now on to solving the situation in the Middle East. [Radar]
  • The highly-enjoyable Lizzy Caplan will be appearing on New Girl for three episodes. [N.Y. Mag]
  • When asked about the auditon process for Mad Men, Jon Hamm said, “I couldn’t have had less heat on me … Nobody knew who I was. The casting directors didn’t know who I was. I wasn’t on anybody’s lists – and they had lists.” So who was at the top of that list? Hamm says, “The funny thing was, I think they went to Thomas Jane for it, and they were told that Thomas Jane does not do television – now starring in Hung, by the way.” [N.Y. Mag]
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