Ann Curry On Megyn Kelly’s Jane Fonda Rant: ‘We’re Supposed to Be Humble. This Is Not Journalism’

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Ann Curry appeared as a guest host on The View Tuesday morning (an audition, perhaps?) and—as expected—was asked about her time at Today, and her opinion of Megyn Kelly. Because of who she is, Curry’s drags were eloquent and thoughtful, but make no mistake about it: they were still drags.

When the show’s perpetually full bottle of lighter fluid Joy Behar asked about the “sexual harassment allegations against Matt Lauer,” Curry responded, “Who?” before describing what it’s like for a woman to work in a toxic environment:

“I think a lot of times these places where we work, they can be a little bit like a hall of mirrors. Where all of a sudden things you would never imagine you would accept or tolerate, you start to kind of—because others are—you get used to certain things. You say, ‘OK. This is what it means. This is what I’m gonna have to do—need to do—to carry the ball forward, to help not just myself but all the women coming after me rise.’ And women all across this country in all kinds of industries are doing that and have done that. And what we are now waking up to is that enough is enough.”

Nice! Good! But Joy wanted to know about that freakin’ button. “Did he have a button in his office,” she asked.

“I don’t know from personal experience,” Curry said.

“Did you have a button in your office,” Behar added.

“I did not have a button in my office.”

And now to Megyn Kelly. When Whoopi brought up Megyn Kelly’s recent rant about Jane Fonda on her hour of Today, Curry said:

Journalists are not supposed to be the story…We’re supposed to be humble. We’re supposed to use whatever time we’re given to shine a light on other stories. I mean, there are so many stories that we’re not covering, and to take time with this…is not journalism.

Joy, being Joy, followed up Curry’s remarks with something a little more, well, her. “Jane should have just said to her, ‘And how much work have you had, bitch?”


Ryan Lochte’s best friend Billy Bush was given a glowing profile in this week’s issue of People. In it, he’s photographed looking—as my coworkers noted—Bush-ier than ever, and is described as a man who refuses to “wallow in despair,” instead finding “comfort in self-reflection and in the renewal of his faith.” The phrase “gag me with a spoon” was invented for pieces like this.

Here’s another snippet from the profile, complete with their editorializing. Bush’s attempt at rebranding following the fallout from the infamous Access Hollywood audio—along with People’s willingness to help him out—is actually sort of stunning.

“I have done so much self-help work,” says the former host, whose daily routine includes a Bible reading, scripture and a daily stoic. He’s also taken ownership of his role in the controversy. “There is a term for what I did,” says Bush. “It’s called bystander abuse. It says by not doing anything you are endorsing the moment. I have to live with that.”
And the father of three says his perspective has shifted, especially given the current #MeToo movement.
“I have three daughters,” Bush says. “They are going to be in the workplace one day. I want them to be paid equally, I want them to be treated well and when they walk out of a room I don’t want to ever hear anyone talking behind their back in a degrading way.”
“I had some growing up to do anyway in life,” he says. “I did so much exploring and figuring out. I’m a deeper person. And I’m happy about using my knowledge for a good purpose.”

How much did this cost him, I wonder?



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