Anne Hathaway Confesses To Irrational Hatred For Random New England Woman


Have you ever wondered if Jennifer Aniston finds you boring, Gwyneth Paltrow thinks you’re kind of pretentious, or Kim Kardashian wonders why you even got hired in the first place?

Finally, one celebrity has admitted that she reciprocates one unfamous Massachusetts woman’s totally unfair opinion of her. The Onion reports:

“You can tell Cathy Lerro’s totally in love with herself, even though she’s really just fucking annoying,” Hathaway said in reference to the 36-year-old Sudbury resident, who the Devil Wears Prada star grudgingly acknowledged was decent that one time as an office manager but hasn’t done anything nearly that good since. “Ugh. Just hearing her name makes me kind of ill. And that voice.”

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