Another Duck Dynasty Star Also Has Stupid Things To Say About Gays


In an interview with CNN, yet another member of Duck Dynasty‘s Robertson clan has gloriously stupid things to say about gays.

This time it’s Willie Robertson, son of Phil Robertson who you may remember kicked up a national shitstorm following homophobic comments he made to GQ magazine in December. Because I guess it’s not enough to have your dad (an anus-obsessed, homophobic child bride promoter) running around saying dumb things, Willie Robertson told CNN that gays are going to hell because that’s what “the Bible says.” Via Raw Story:

Willie Robertson did not repudiate his father remarks in the interview that was aired on Wednesday, but accused GQ magazine of having an agenda.
“Phil just said what he thought, you know, what was on his heart,” the younger Robertson said, noting that his father “did some paraphrasing” of the book of Corinthians.
“I believe what the Bible says,” Willie Robertson insisted, comparing LGBT people to drunks and thieves. “And that’s what he says to put those in.”
“And for him and for you, the Bible is literal, that’s how it is,” Phillips observed. “That’s how it was said,” Willie Robertson said.

In response to questions about his father’s comments that caused the controversy, he also said that it seemed to him like the interviewer (Deadspin’s Drew Magary) came in with his own idea about what he wanted to get. So he blamed the interviewer for asking questions that might get his father to say the homophobic bullshit he believes, rather than blaming his father for saying homophobic bullshit.

It’s clear at least from this clip that he’s trying to dodge a very basic question about his beliefs. Ultimately he does admit that yes, he believes what the Bible says and the Bible says LGBT people are just like drunks (???) and thieves, who apparently all deserve to burn in hell. It shouldn’t be a surprise that growing up with someone like Phil Robertson as your father, these are the kinds of views you have. But the son has been tactfully avoiding direct questions about sharing his father’s specific views. Up until now, that is.

I’m sure at this point you’re going to ask yourselves, but why, why would he say these things on national television? You know what? Why the hell wouldn’t he? There’s already a major dust-up over these types of comments that resulted in ZERO consequences for him and his family. Zero. None. They are still rolling in money by the truckload. Phil Robertson, the anus obsessed child bride promoter, was pulled off the show and got his job back a week later. A&E didn’t pull them off the air the last time, and it probably won’t do it over these comments. They can survive feeding off the seedy underbelly of homophobia in our culture for as long as there are people who love watching reality shows about ‘them funny rednecks’ and buying crap covered with their images. All we can do about it is call it out, each and every time we see it or hear it, until something changes and the “BUT WHAT ABOUT FREE SPEECH, ‘MURICA” cries die down and people finally start realizing how detrimental this stuff is.

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