Anti-Abortion Crisis Pregnancy Centers Are Getting Glitter Bombed Again


A group calling itself “Glitter Bombs for Choice” is once again sowing sparkles across a vast swath of the country, sending glitter-filled envelopes to dozens of anti-abortion crisis pregnancy centers. In an email to Jezebel, a spokesperson for the group suggested that some politicians’ offices are going to get sparkly next, promising their new campaign “is shaping up to be a doozy.”

Glitter Bombs for Choice first made news in March for glitter bombing the offices of anti-abortion Nebraska Congressman Jeff Fortenberry. In a manifesto sent to Jezebel later that month by a spokesperson calling themselves Geeves Bananahammock — which is almost definitely their real name — GBFC wrote, “We have one simple goal: to increase awareness of the fight for these rights to reproductive health care through the annoying tactic of mailing glitter to our opponents. We are fully aware that this tactic won’t change minds, but it will change vacuuming schedules.”

The newest round of beglittering has blanketed several dozens pregnancy centers, many of whom have been posting about it on Facebook. Their reactions generally fall into two categories: pretending they don’t mind, or else referring to the letters as “a bombing,” or calling the letters “insulting and intimidating.” (As we noted last time, real abortion clinics have been bombed by real, actual, designed-to-kill-you bombs 42 times since 1977.)

Some of the pregnancy centers’ reactions to the bombing also display, frankly, some stunningly poor reading comprehension. A few complained that whoever sent the glitter didn’t sign their names (they did; the group, as we’ve established, is called Glitter Bombs for Choice.) From Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center:

I think our clients would disagree with the summary of reasons this pro-choice organization gave for sending the glittery letter. They didn’t even sign their organization’s name… I guess they didn’t want to talk about it.

And from Wayne Pregnancy Care Center:

Looks like we have stirred up the enemy’s camp!! We received this letter today at Wayne Pregnancy Care Center along with several other pregnancy care centers & the package was filled with a Glitter-bomb from a pro-choice organization who thinks we lie to and shame women.
I am sure our clients would agree that at WPCC we share all options in truth & in love in a non- judgmental environment. WOW, They didn’t even sign their organization’s name & the address on the envelope was fake!! On a positive note, the glitter from the bomb was Carolina BLUE!!!

High Desert Pregnancy Clinic—which, despite its name, offers no medical care other than pregnancy tests and something called “limited ultrasound”—began their own missive with a cheery “Our office was bombed!”

“Our office was bombed!”
I guess pro-abortion clinics don’t have enough patients to see to keep them busy! We don’t mind glitter at all! Every one they send us just tells us how effective we are!! We love it!! Bring on the glitter!!! When as a Pro-Life Clinic, we received our glitter bomb in the mail from pro-abortion activists, we were taken aback a little because we had not heard about this kind of intimidation happening to those in the Pro-Life movement. When our staff opened the letter, the glitter poured inside goes everywhere and makes a huge mess.
Over the last few weeks, abortion activists have sent several glitter bomb letters to Pro-Life Clinics, some with threatening messages. While these glitter bombs are insulting and intimidating rather than life-threatening — they contain an inspiring reminder: the pro-abortion side knows High Desert Pregnancy Clinic is effective!

And from Hope Pregnancy Resource Center, in weirdly similar wording to that of the Greensboro CPC:

We received a glitter-bomb letter yesterday from a pro-choice group who thinks we lie to and shame women. I think our clients would disagree with the summary of reasons this group gave for sending the glittery letter. They didn’t even sign their organization’s name… I guess they don’t want to talk about it.

National Right to Life is particularly furious that the glitter bombs involve glitter, because glitter is usually used for children’s craft projects (or adding spice to a boring pair of nipple pasties, a use they don’t seem aware of). Maria Gallagher, the group’s Pennsylvania legislative director, writes, “I find it particularly ironic…that the pro-abortion community would choose to use one of the staples of childhood, glitter, to spread their anti-child message.” She calls the letters “hate mail” and “meant to intimidate,” adding, “All that glitter cannot hide the inherent ugliness of abortion.” I’m not sure that’s the point?

Image via Alleghany Pregnancy Care Center/Facebook

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