Anti-Gay National Organization for Marriage Is $2.5 Million in Debt

The anti-gay National Organization for Marriage—a group of literal trolls who dwell in caverns beneath the earth and spend all their time trying to prevent people who love each other from being able to wed legally—closed out the 2013 financial year $2.5 million in debt, according to their most recent tax filings.

Slate’s Mark Joseph Stern noticed that the filings had been released (and released two days late, at that, which is a violation of federal tax law). He notes that the group raised $5.1 million in 2013, a 50 percent drop off from the previous year, with its “Education Fund” taking a special hit.

Stern theorizes that NOM’s donors are either losing interest, increasingly unwilling to be associated with such a publicly hateful group, or else “increasingly terrified of being unmasked.” It could be a mixture of all three: the group is fast fading into a special kind of irrelevance, insisting that the Supreme Court will eventually rule in their favor and, until then, doing dumb things like urging the Kansas governor and county clerks to violate a recent federal court ruling and keep refusing marriage licenses to gay couples. And the number of state and federal judges ruling against them just keeps stacking up. As I was writing this post, this happened:

There’s also the fact that anti-gay bigots are old and dying. Not fast enough, but at least NOM is starting to feel the pinch. If you’d like to cackle over their full 2013 tax filing, it’s here.

NOM president Brian Brown speaks during an anti-gay marriage rally in Salt Lake City in January. Image via AP.

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