ANTM: André Leon Talley Saves The Day; Tyra Displays Camel Toe


Last night’s episode was the first for new judge André Leon Talley, who used a lot of French words when critiquing at panel. Thankfully, his opinion of Alasia’s photo saved one of the most entertaining contestants from the chopping block.

It would’ve been such a shame if Alasia had been sent home this early in the competition, considering how much fun it is watching her annoy Ren (who such a stick in the mud). Alasia also says really wonderful things like, “I prayed to God that my last photo shoot was bombdiggity.” Well, it wasn’t, but she still managed to make the cut. I’d love to hear exactly how that prayer went. I imagine it was something along the lines of:

Dear Lord,
In your infinite wisdom, please allow my photo shoot to be bombdiggity. And allow these nobody to give no initiative to say nothing to me.

After recycling the intro a few cycles in a row, Tyra finally got around to shooting a new one, which rules, because it prominently features her camel toe.

Considering that the show has already played it’s three trump cards—makeovers, nude shoot, and model falling off the runway—within the first two episodes, it’ll be interesting to see what Tyra has in store for us, as far as surprises go, this cycle.

I’m sort of bummed that Naduah is gone already, not so much because I thought she showed modeling potential, but because she showed crazy potential, and I wanted the girls to uncover more of her fantastical stories about poverty modeling.

After her first two shoots proved to be big hits, I’m thinking that Raina will end up at least in the top three this cycle.

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