ANTM Cycle 12: Goddesses, Girlfights & Gay-liens


Last night’s two-hour premiere of America’s Next Top Model was chock-full of crazy. From the wacky auditions, (“I’m really into hemophilia”) to the posing challenge (goddess of friendliness?), the quantity of WTF was epic.

As Tyra and the two Jays whittled the 34 ladies down to 21, Tyra called certain models “odd” and “alien.” She meant it as a compliment, but what is more out of this world than Mr. Jay’s silver scrub-brush hair? Tyra also warned viewers that being a model is “not necessarily about being pretty.” (Clip at left.)

Eventually the final 13 were revealed, with six-foot-one Aminat, freckled “Blaxican” Fo, wide-eyed Allison and obligatory conceited black bitch Sandra as the stand-out contestants so far. This cycle, the ladies are living on the Upper East Side, and the second photo shoot had them dressed as schoolgirls, which leads one to believe that someone has been watching lots of Gossip Girl. Will next week’s makeovers be Serena Van Der Woodsen-eque?!

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