Are Cheryl Lynn and Anita Baker Frenemies or What?


R&B singer Cheryl Lynn, who’s best known for her hit “Got To Be Real,” did not get the memo to never tweet. Late last night, Lynn engaged in a one-sided argument with legend Anita Baker on Twitter.

In a both sad and entertaining display, Lynn kicked things off by posting a screenshot showing that she was blocked from following Baker on Twitter:

This is an excellent showcase of shade on Baker’s end, if purposeful. Why respond to you directly when I can just block you from existing?

Lynn, in search of an explanation, then tweeted a series of hurt statements directly to Baker that ranged from praises to insults:

And yet, Lynn went for the jugular.

Here’s what Baker has tweeted since.

It’s all rather unnecessary. Both of you guys should just DM me and we can settle this.

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