Are "Jon And Kate" Using Their "Plus 8" For Profit?


Jon and Kate Gosselin used to be the parents of eight kids that America liked, but now they’re facing criticism because of how they market their family on Jon and Kate Plus 8.

As Philly Magazine tells it, though Kate Gosselin often tells the story of how her husband Jon was unfairly fired while she was pregnant with multiples, the day their sextuplets were born the family’s financial situation improved drastically. According to Jon’s former employer, who the state found fired him for legitimate reasons, before the sextuplets were even born Jon was “on was on the phone and the Internet soliciting freebies, boasting openly that he was never going to have to work again.” The lengthy article catalogues the perks the family has received, which go far beyond donated diapers and strollers. NBC has remodeled the family home, Jon received a free hair transplant, and the family often goes on free vacations. During speaking engagements at churches, a collection basket is passed around for donations to the family. Jon and Kate Plus 8 ranks eighth out of 149 cable shows for product placement, with TLC cameras often zooming in on logos of the kids’ donated toys. Multiple websites criticizing the show have popped up recently, but author Jessica Remo suggests, “If Jon and Kate Gosselin have sold their children’s privacy, we the viewers are the guilty buyers.” [Philly Mag]

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