Are These the Worst Places in America to Raise Babies?


The Daily Beast put together a list of places that they claim are the worst places to raise babies in America. The whole list probably should’ve just said: AMERICA, but they wanted to narrow it down to the absolute shittiest. Using the criteria of cost, amount of ob/gyns, and commute time, they decided where you definitely shouldn’t go to pop out your brood.

OK, when all is said and done, it’s probably pretty damn hard to raise a baby anywhere and the only real thing that matters is whether you’re wealthy or not — and maybe how much familiar support you can count on. It takes a village; preferably one with a gold card. So I have to call bullshit on this list, for many reasons, but mainly because there is no better place to raise a baby than Santa Cruz, California.

Here are the facts as I see them:

Santa Cruz has this otter.

Case closed.

[The Daily Beast]

Shutterstock/Olaf Speier

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