Ariana Grande Had to Cancel Her New Year's Show, and 2019 Really Needs to Be Nice to Her Already

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New Year’s Eve is mostly about getting hopes way up, paying too much for drinks, and wanting to have just stayed home. But getting sick on New Year’s brings its own sort of Instagram scrolling FOMO misery, where every single person you know and every single person you don’t is having fun without you.

And after an incredibly rough year, Ariana Grande is going to be doing just that. She had to cancel her $1,000-a-ticket New Year’s Eve concert in Vegas due to bronchitis. Please Troye Sivan bring her some soup and just watch Mean Girls with her until it’s 2019. Actually, can we all just do that?


Now I cannot stop looking at Kylie Jenner’s feet, which may actually Khloe Kardashian’s feet, so thanks for that, internet. The Kardashian Christmas card is a cobbled together photo of some sisters, no Kris, a lot of kids, and maybe Khloe’s feet pasted onto Kylie’s legs, according to Reddit:

“They’re 100% the same pair of feet – check out the line down the outside ankle on both of their right feet, and the way the big toe is slightly under the first toe. with the left feet, same thing – you can trace the line down the outer side of the foot and see all the same bumps. on that foot though, the pad just before the big toe has been shaved down on kylie’s to create the illusion of the foot being at a different angle – her foot should be facing forward, but the foot it was cloned from is cocked to the side.”

Please someone tell me what to believe.

[Us Weekly]

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