Aspiring Model Gets Refillable Breast Implants that Balloon to Size 32K


Move over Beshine and Claudia Marie. There’s a new breast implant IT girl and it’s 26-year-old Martina Big, who’s spent over $50,000 in a bid to make herself a model. Not only has she had rhinoplasty and facial injections, but she’s also got refillable breast implants that have possibly killed someone.

Cosmopolitan reports that Big, who was a former air hostess but now travels Europe making appearances and doing model things with her boyfriend-manager, has caused at least one person to lose themselves when they saw her striding past in a too-tight t-shit. “When I am walking around in a skin-tight T-shirt, I have seen people on a bike riding past and then driving into a lamp post,” she says.

What’s most interesting about Big’s many procedures is the fact that her breasts are refillable and can be altered in size by a doctor without additional surgery. Big says that this isn’t anything dangerous and that her doctor is doing a fantastic job. Her breasts are so large that they’ve exceeded Germany’s sizes and Big has switched over to the British system for her labeling needs.

One of the photographers who books Big says that he prefers to book one of her rather than “three girls with half the breast size,” which isn’t how I think math works, but I’ve also only been playing brain games for about a week, so you’ll have to excuse me if I’m wrong.

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