Avril Lavigne Is Not Dead (But Who Knows About Chavril)


When last we heard from Avril Lavigne, she was dealing with some sort of weird illness but was still very Rock n Roll. She’s proved that by releasing a video teaser for her new song “Give You What You Like.” Do we like? Yes, we love Alive Avril.

The video contains footage of Alive Avril, looking pained, cut between scenes from the upcoming movie Babysitter’s Black Book, which is apparently “Coming to a theatre and Lifetime in February.” February: A good month for quality movies on both big and small screens and a good month for Avril’s comeback.

The song is actually old; it was featured on her last eponymous album and was co-written with her husband (????) Chad Kroeger. In the video, she looks healthy enough, but we know some makeup and a hat can work wonders.

Avril has been mostly quiet on social media lately, save for her constantly retweeting compliments from fans. On January 8th she posted these messages:

Prior to that, in December, she denied that she had an addiction issue and thanked those who were supporting her during her difficult time with her still-unclarified illness. In September, Kroeger denied Chavril was having issues.

Anyway! The song is actually not bad. (The movie however…) Avril rises again, like a phoenix out of the ashes of the early oughts, the biggest success the small town of Napanee has ever seen.

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