Bachelorette Guys Have a Total Meltdown After Losing to Team of Girls


You’re probably not lookinh to the Bachelor franchise for good examples of self awareness or gender equality (and if you are, best of luck to you), so it should really come as no surprise to learn that the peacocking bros of The Bachelorette do not take losing to a women’s soccer team particularly well — even when that women’s soccer team happens to be a professional one.

On a group date, bachelorette Des took the remaining contestants to a Barcelona soccer stadium to play a game. On one team were all the men and on the other were Des and some guest players — all of whom were women. The boys assumed they had already won. (They assumed wrong.)

The dumb boasting started as soon as the female players came out on the field.

“I look up with my game face on and it’s six girls,” Kasey said, guffawing like an idiot.

“[Des] came on the field acting all serious with her girls,” bragged Brooks. “Listen, Girl Scouts, we’re about to bake some cookies.”


Juan Pablo, the contestant who’s apparently played professional soccer before, wanted us to know that he had the game was in the bag: “This isn’t ending in a tie. This is ending in a victoria.”

Of course, he left off one possibility, which is that the game would end in a loss. And, as it turns out, that’s exactly what happened. Ouch. Our hearts, they break for them.

Worse than the pre-game smack talk was that the men were actively embarrassed when they lost, specifically because they lost to a team of women…women who are PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES. Seriously, if your ego is so big that you think you can step up against a professional sports team and win then you better end be David fucking Beckham once you get on that field. (Nut up or shut up, as they say.)

After their stunning defeat, the contestants put all the blame on James who was playing goalie. And how did they insult him? By saying that he played like a girl! You guys! Why are you making it so easy to make fun of you?

“James — he’s like a little girl in the net. He’s scared of everything coming at him,” said Brooks, completely lacking in any capacity for introspection.

If only they really did act like girls out there. Maybe they would have won.

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