Bad Tippers, Your Day of Reckoning is Upon You


A new website purports to tattle on those cheapskates who don’t understand that 15% is a standard tip, my fucking god how difficult is it for people to realize it this isn’t fucking EUROPE?

Brooklyn food delivery artist Larry Fox was stiffed on a tip last month and is so mad that he blogged his pants. His site,, purports to expose bad tippers’ names and addresses so that other delivery people can, I don’t know, frown at them really hard the next time they have to make a delivery to cheapskates.

Tumblr eventually made Fox remove customers’ full names and addresses from the site, but the Good Fight rages on. Reports the New York Post,

Eric, of Olive Street in Williamsburg, for example, tipped $1.55 on a $19.43 delivery of Mexican food on April 10. “That’s less than 10 percent,” Fox pointed out on the site, where he posted the receipt.

I worked in food service for years during high school and college and while bad tips happened, they were usually because I screwed up somehow, like that time I dumped an entire tray full of iced tea on an old lady’s head. For every $5 on an $85 bill, there was a $15 tip on a $30 bill. I accepted the fact that good comes with bad and that a tip is at the discretion of the customer. I’m not sure that shaming bad tippers is going to do anything but make people want to order delivery food or go to restaurants less (or they could just decide to give zero fucks and continue to patronize the establishments at which they tip poorly, as we live in a post-dignity era and shaming others grows more difficult by the day).

The next time you order delivery food, tip well, otherwise you could be in for a world of butthurt.

Web site 15 Percent Exposes Bad Tippers in Brooklyn [NYP]

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