BAFTAs 2024 Red Carpet: No More Salmon, Please

Sunday night was the 77th BAFTAs and the red carpet featured at least three salmon or salmon-adjacent gowns.

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I love salmon. In the oven with a little lemon and rosemary? Yum! In a sushi roll with some crunch and spicy mayo? Incredible. But as a garment that’s supposed to make me look good and feel confident? Hard pass.

Sunday night was the 77th British Academy Film Awards (or BAFTAs) and the red carpet featured not one, not two, but at least three salmon (or salmon-adjacent) gowns. Look, I think all colors have their place in the world. But salmon should remain exclusively within the domain of fish. It’s a color that didn’t feel like putting in any effort. It’s the color of the group project that did nothing but still got an A+. It’s a color that looked at their to-do list and took a nap instead. It’s a color that says “Can I go home now?” And that, my friends, is not a color that should be awarded with gowns—especially gowns adorning such magical women. I’m sorry if this is controversial.

In non-salmon pink news from Sunday night, Oppenheimer and Poor Things swept again. Emma Stone picking up another Best Actress trophy. There was nothing for Barbie or Maestro. Prince William came without Kate—who is great on a red carpet but is presumably still recovering.

And of course, there were lots of looks. Please enjoy them—especially the ones without any salmon.

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