Barack and Michelle Obama's Love Story Will Be Made Into a Movie 


Sometime in the near-ish future you will be able to see Barack and Michelle Obama’s love story unfold on the big screen. Southside with You will be an entire movie about the couple’s first date in Chicago, because, well, I have no idea why. But at least we’ll get to see some black people in a movie.

The playwright Richard Tanne wrote the screenplay and will direct the film. EW reports:

Southside will cover the day Michelle Robinson agreed to go out with a young Barack Obama, who was serving as an associate at Chicago law firm Sidley Austin. Michelle, his younger boss, needed some convincing, but eventually agreed to date him, and the film will follow the date as the two visited Chicago’s Art Institute and went to see Do the Right Thing, among other stops throughout South Side.

Tika Sumpter has already been cast as Michelle, (I don’t really see it, but I do love looking at Tika Sumpter) while the role of future president Barack Obama is still up for grabs.

I’m not so sure how is going to turn out, people. Something tells me they would have been better off just writing a film loosely based on the courtship of the Obamas rather than taking the biopic route. That being said, I will obviously be seeing this and will definitely love it. Let’s be real, Michelle Obama is easily the best part about Barack Obama’s presidency. Plus, they are the best-looking couple we’ve ever had in the White House, so the film’s already got that going for it.

Let us now take this opportunity to gaze upon their splendor.

Images via Getty, Vogue.

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