Barack Obama Knows He's Right

  • Barack Obama gave yet another prime time press conference to beat back critics of his budget, his tax plans and the deficit those things might or might not create. [Politico, Washington Post]
  • Oh, look, Obama finally got himself a confirmed Commerce Secretary. Guess he buried those bodies really deep. [NY Times]
  • Everybody loves Hillary Clinton these days. [CNN]
  • Little-loved Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal doesn’t want everything Obama does to fail, just most things. That’s the only way he can win in 2012, after all. [Huffington Post]
  • A bunch of conservative Catholics are complaining about the President of the United States giving a commencement speech and getting an honorary degree from Notre Dame because apparently to get a degree from a Catholic university is to agree to agree with everything the Pope ever says on everything. Makes me really not regret my decision to go to BC. [Washington Post]
  • One of the people complaining is the twice-divorced and about-to-be-Catholic Newt Gingrich, because while telling your cancer-ridden wife that you want to marry your mistress at your wife’s hospital bedside is a Catholic value, striving to reduce the incidence of abortion through education and economic empowerment while keeping it legal is not. [Media Matters]
  • Arlen Specter hasn’t yet decided to run for re-election as an Independent, so he’s bowing to business interests and fucking over the labor unions that endorsed him over the Democratic candidate in 2004 by opposing the Employee Free Choice Act, known to conservative interests at “card check.” It’s so hard being the swing vote, you know, he can’t just do what he thinks is right every time. [The Hill]
  • He’s already trailing in primary polling against the more conservative Republican that took him on in 2004. [Huffington Post]
  • Health insurance companies promise to stop fucking you over if Barack Obama promises to make you buy their insurance. [LA Times]
  • Under the Bush Administration, if your boss refused to pay you, you were on your own, asshole. Luckily for us, the people that felt that way were career bureaucrats who can’t be fired. [NY Times]
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