Barbie Is a Wannabe YouTube Star Now


Barbie is a video blogger.

Barbie Roberts—yes, that’s her last name—posted her first video to YouTube on Friday, calling it her “first ever vlog,” which means she’s about five years late to the party because no one cool calls it that anymore.

“My name is Barbie Roberts,” says Roberts, recording from her bedroom. “I have three sisters and we live in Los Angeles. Well, Malibu.”

According to Roberts, her sister Skipper urged her to join the Bethany Motas of the world and start a blog. In this video, a nervous Roberts introduces herself with some background and runs down 10 things we didn’t know about her. Roberts says she loves honey and hates drinking soda.

She also jokes: “I fall down all the time.” Because it’s true.

What will Barbie Roberts vlog about next?

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