Behold 'Stairway to Heaven' in Something Called 'Bold for Jesus Style'


Forget every other rendition of Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven” you have ever seen, because clearly this is the only one you will ever need ever.

From what I can ascertain, “bold for Jesus style” pretty much involves wearing a “JESUS SAVES” t-shirt and rocking the holy fuck out to one of music’s greatest rock songs ever all while standing in front of a crucifix. Of course, if you’re not satisfied with my explanation, then take Bold For Jesus’s explanation:

“I have not played the real Stairway To Heaven song since 1981. You can hear me talk at the end about slamming a pie on top of a teacher’s head. I had fun. I lived a radical rock n’ roll life for 10 years, and now I live radical for Jesus Christ.”

Right on, man. Right. On.

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