Being Yelled At By Millionaire Matchmaker Bad For Business, Life


In case you were under the illusion that going on The Millionaire Matchmaker would somehow improve your life, think again: a bunch of former clients claim she ruined their lives. And they’re getting together to kvetch about it.

Now, we all know that “crying editing” is the last refuge of the TV douche. And that even the magic elves can’t work with what doesn’t exist. And that anyone who’s watched, say, a promo for this show should have known what they were getting themselves in for. Yet, inexplicably, people seem to believe that — if not actual love — stints like this will somehow boost business or their personal brand. Whereas the only brand you’ll see on a Monday night is “Patti’s Bitch.”

Anyway: apparently none of these bitter betties were so sick of the experience that they didn’t want to band together with other malcontents and watch the underwhelming season finale. But they did want to warn against making their mistake. Says the New York Post, Long Island divorce lawyer Doug Kepanis, who’s described on the show’s Web site as “a divorce attorney with an ugly bod,” said business has slowed and he was dropped as a legal expert from TruTV because he appeared sexist. “It’s the busiest time of the year for divorces, and I haven’t gotten any calls since my appearance,” Kepanis said. “I have a lot of female clients — it may have turned them away.”

Also bitter: Jason, the Brooklyn dude who said his hobbies were “getting drunk” and brought his posse on the date. He says producers pushed drinks on him. Did they also force him and his friends to chant “USA! USA!” for apparently no reason? Because they did.

David Vroubel objected to being called “creepy.”

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Event planner Andrea Correale, meanwhile, said it was actually good for business…but then, she came off just fine. Whether the other dudes were the victims of the TV gods, are seriously deluded, or some mixture of the two, we can’t say. We will say, when in doubt, try first.

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