Bella Thorne Sleeps in a Tipi in an Instagram #Ad Funded House, and Other Things I Just Learned


Bella Thorne—topic of daily tabloid headlines, former Disney star, lovelorn teen allergic to the sun and my personal, problematic favorite—wants you to know she’s not who you think she is, maaaan. In a new video collaboration with Vogue/Vice (you read that correctly), we’re given an inside look into the “real” BT, an art-y 20-year-old who owns a giant novelty dinosaur named Derek (or Derrick, to each their own) and loves to paint to decompress. The entire thing is kind of completely insane, but also totally normal and adolescent, like a nearly 20-minute elongated version of Jughead’s “I’m a weirdo” speech from the first season of Riverdale. You know the one.

Of all the non-information provided, there are a few gems I’d really love to hear more about. For example, Thorne reveals that she sleeps in a giant tipi she’s covered in paint splatter and various haberdashery. She explains:

“I wanted a tipi because I thought it was weird. I’ve always liked the idea of sleeping on the floor. I wanted to have something that felt like a safe space. Obviously my house is a safe space, but this, when I get in there, I get all cozy up in this bitch.”

Glaring cultural appropriation aside (tipis are weird?), Thorne’s home seems really big and wonderful and glamorous, something most people will never step foot in, let alone, own. Bella also reveals that she purchased the place from funds provided through Instagram #ads, not even her damn day job. Hot people get everything:

“I put myself out there the way I do on social media because I want people to see who I am. I was raised to think that social media is everything. You know, when I was younger, my mom used to run my social media and it was always, like, ‘let’s bake cupcakes so we can take a photo of it.’ Then it was like, ‘well, what about, like, baking cupcakes and not taking a photo of it?
…Instagram is 100% a job to me. I started out at 18 with literally $200 in my bank account and I bought this house a year later, a year and a half. It’s all from social media.”

She also breaks down just how much money she makes from Instagram—for grid posting (so, like, a normal ass Insta) she ranks in $65,000. For Instagram stories, it’s $10,000 – $20,000. Snapchat is the same. She delivers this information in the most infuriatingly nonchalant way, but also, like, get your paper? I’m conflicted.

Watch it above, if you so choose—I really recommend it, if only to gleam insight into how the other half lives. But that damn tipi…

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