Ben Affleck Had to Change His Phone Number to Get Rid of That Damn Nanny

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Hold on, did you think we were finished talking about Christine Ouzounian now that all those other divorces have happened? Don’t be silly, silly! There’s still so much more to discuss: like the alleged fact that she called Ben Affleck so much that he had to change his phone number.

Radar claims he’s changed his phone number after Page Six reported that she was searching for a reality TV gig. Their insider says “She wasn’t taking the hint, so after the calls continued, Ben changed his cell phone number to get Christine off his back.”

How fun it must have been to work at the AT&T store when Ben Affleck waltzed in and shamefully asked to have his number changed.

“Is there a reason you’re changing your phone number with us today, Mr. Aflac?”

“Affleck. And, uh, unwanted calls. I need to stop unwanted calls.”

“Ok, let me just check the status of your account here…Ah, it actually seems like this number is part of a family plan under your wife’s name, so she’ll need to be here if you want to change that.”

Ben blinks.


Here’s a video of two sober friends:

Do you want the details?! Well, do you?!?!?!?!?!? Click here now if you want the details!!!!! Hurry!!!!!!

[Us Weekly]

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