Bestselling Author Jennifer Weiner Is Here to Answer Your Questions


Please give a warm welcome to writer/novelist/hilarious Bachelorette live-tweeter Jennifer Weiner!

As you may know, Jennifer Weiner is a #1 New York Times bestselling author. She grew up in Connecticut, graduated with a degree in English literature from Princeton University, and her debut novel Good in Bed (2001) has sold over 1.6 million copies and is now in its 57th printing.

She also penned In Her Shoes (2002), which was turned into a major motion picture starring Cameron Diaz, Toni Collette and Shirley MacLaine; Little Earthquakes (2004); Goodnight Nobody (2005); the short story collection The Guy Not Taken (2006); Certain Girls (2008); Best Friends Forever (2009); Fly Away Home (2010); Then Came You (2011); and most recently, The Next Best Thing (2012).

And if you’re not following her on Twitter, you’re missing out.

She has a new novel coming out next week — All Fall Down — and it’s about a woman who’s got it all — including, possibly, a pill addiction:

Allison Weiss got her happy ending—a handsome husband, an adorable little girl, a job she loves, and a big house in the suburbs. But when she’s in the pediatrician’s office with her daughter and a magazine flips open to a quiz about addiction, she starts to wonder whether her use of prescription pills is becoming a problem. On the one hand, it’s just prescription medication, the stuff her doctors give her. Is a Percocet at the end of a hard day really different than a glass of wine? Is it such a bad thing to pop a Vicodin after a brutal Jump & Pump class… or after your husband ignores you?

Summer reading list: Sorted.

You can find more info on her website, and before she kicks off on her book tour, she’s here with us to answer your questions. Fire away!

Photo by Andrea Cipriani Mecchi.

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